If you are a UAW member who works for one of the Big Three Automakers in Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin or another right-to-work state you have the right to resign your union membership and cease paying dues. If you wish to opt-out of your union membership or dues obligation, simply enter your information below and a letter will automatically be generated for you.

When you are done, the letter will be saved as a PDF document that you can print and send to your union.

It is highly recommended you send the letter via certified mail to your UAW Local Financial Secretary, the UAW International Financial Secretary, and your employer. You should also keep one copy for your records. If you are a Ford employee, UAW and Ford may try to require you to send the copy of your letter to the employer by registered mail.

While these certified or registered mail requirements may not be legal, the choice is up to you on whether you would like to send the letters via regular mail, certified mail (with a return receipt), or registered mail.


There is a chance the UAW or your employer might try to not accept your resignation or dues revocation. If your resignation or dues check-off revocation is rejected for any reason, contact the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, which can be reached by calling 1-800-336-3600 or clicking here.


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Opt-Out Form

Opt Out Form

Simply enter your information below and the letter will automatically generated for you. When complete, the letter will be downloadable as a PDF to print and send. All fields are required. (If you prefer, download a blank copy of the opt out letter here.)

, Financial Secretary
UAW Local

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Gary Casteel, Financial Secretary
United Auto Workers International Union
8000 East Jefferson Ave.
Detroit, MI 48214


Human Resources Department

, ,

Re: Membership Resignation and Dues Check-off Revocation

Dear Sirs:

I am employed by in a Right to Work state. Effective immediately, I resign from membership in the UAW union and all of its affiliated unions.

Since I have resigned my membership in the union, you must immediately cease enforcing the dues check-off authorization agreement that I signed. That check-off authorization agreement is hereby revoked. I signed that check-off authorization solely in conjunction with, and in contemplation of, my becoming a member of the union; and, as such, it is no longer valid. See IBEW (Lockheed Space Operations Co.), 302 NLRB 322 (1991); Wash. Gas Light Co., 302 NLRB 425 (1991) (employer in Right to Work state must cease dues deduction upon receipt of resignation/revocation).

If, for any reason, you refuse to accept this letter as both an effective resignation and an immediately effective dues check-off revocation, I ask that you promptly inform me, in writing, of your reasons for so doing, and send me a copy of the actual dues check off authorization form I signed.

Signature: ___________________________

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Date: _____________

If you have questions or require legal assistance, UAWOptOut works closely with the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation. The foundation can be reached at 1-800-336-3600 or online.