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In recent years, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin and Kentucky have all become “right-to-work” states – which means state law no longer forces workers to be members or pay dues to a union in order to hold a job. United Auto Worker members, including those working in private sector plants, now have full choice regarding their support of the UAW.

The UAW is engulfed in scandal. Several leaders have already pled guilty to crimes and the federal government alleges millions of dollars have been stolen. The former UAW president and several other union leaders have been implicated in this corruption scandal. Money has been stolen from union members and used to enrich union leaders – condos, vacations, expensive meals and personal luxuries. Funds were even used for a vacation home for a former high-ranking union official, and some went to nonunion labor to build it.

What does right-to-work mean for UAW and other union members?

Collective bargaining is almost exactly the same in right-to-work states as it is in non-right-to-work states. Workers and the UAW can still bargain over wages, hours and working conditions with employers like GM, FCA, Ford, and parts suppliers. The only difference is that in right-to-work states a worker cannot be fired for refusing to financially support a union, such as the UAW.

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If you have questions or require legal assistance, UAWOptOut works closely with the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation. The foundation can be reached at 1-800-336-3600 or online.